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Wholesale Deals (BCC) operates also as a wholesale distributor that deals with first chain distributors directly which allows you to get merchandise wholesale for as much as 50%-60% less than product retail price. We buy wholesale in large quantities, which allows us to receive merchandise at incredible discounts and pass the savings onto you. When buying wholesale products, you have the benefits of purchasing merchandise with unique prices and with our full warranty.

Our main goal is to satisfy the needs of retailers, secondary online shops, brick and mortar cigar stores around the world, restaurants, bars, cigar clubs, etc with excellent prices, quality and service. We all know that Regional Habanos SA distributors take advantage of their distribution condition and usually charge inflated and un-affordable prices, that’s when we become your best friend and business allied.

BCC sells only 100% authentic Habanos SA Cuban Cigars and guarantee original boxes, cigars and labels including new stamp with hologram. We offer Wholesale orders starting from 25 boxes with shipping costs included and no membership fees when you buy wholesale from us! You pay for the items – nothing more. BCC delivers worldwide via EMS courier or via Air Cargo as preferred, and with delivery times of aprox. 3-5 days disregarding the amount or country. Some of our best Wholesale clients are located in Hong Kong, China, Australia, Nigeria, Brasil and Rusia.

We also offer discounts on orders between 10 and 25 boxes, simply let us know the products and exact quantities you are interested in and we will have for you a wholesale price quote sent via email within 24 hours. Just contact us and let us know about your needs.

BCC aims to maintain an impeccable reputation by continuing to provide our customers with authentic Habanos SA products, impressive delivery times, great and personalized service and quality wholesale merchandise overall at outstanding prices.

Contact us and make your business grow, we will more than glad to assist you!

Please send quotations to: [email protected].



BrandVitolaQty per BoxQty Per Price
BolivarPetit Coronas Cabinet50$220
 Petit Coronas25$125
 Petit Belicosos LE25$195
 Belicosos Fino25$145
 Royal Coronas25$140
 Coronas Gigantes25$190
CohibaSiglo I25$115
 Siglo II25$148
 Siglo III25$189
 Siglo IV10$205
 Siglo V25$245
 Siglo VI25$275
 Siglo VI10$125
 Coronas Especiales25$200
 BHK 5410$280
 BHK 5610$290
 1966 LE 201110$250
 Piramides Extra LE 201210$210
CuabaPiramides LE 200810$150
DiplomaticosN° 125$150
 N° 225$155
 N° 325$140
FonsecaN° 125$140
El Rey del MundoChoix Supreme25$160
 Choix Supreme Cabinet50$250
 Petit Coronas25$150
H UpmannNo.225$159
 Magnum 4625$155
 Magnum 46 Cabinet50$275
 Magnum 48 LE25$180
 Magnum 5025$150
 Magnum 50 Cabinet50$278
 Magnum 50 LE 200525$200
 Petit Coronas25$140
 Half Coronas25$155
Hoyo de MonterreyDouble Coronas25$180
 Double Coronas Cabinet50$305
 Epicure De Luxe25$120
 Epicure No.125$130
 Epicure No. 225$135
 Epicure No. 2 Cabinet50$275
 Epicure Especial25$155
 Epicure Especial Cabinet50$275
 Grand Epicure LE 201325$160
 Petit Robustos25$140
 Shorts Hoyo Piramides LE 201110$135
Juan LopezSeleccion No225$155
 Seleccion No2. Cab50$260
 Seleccion No.125$130
 Petit Coronas25$150
 Petit Edmundo25$140
 Double Edmundo25$220
 Grand Edmundo LE 201010$120
 No. 225$155
 No. 525$105
 Montecristo A25$275
 Sublimes LE 200810$135
 520 LE 201210$190
Partagas Serie P No.225$155
 Serie D No. 425$140
 Petit Coronas25$120
 Lusitanias Cabinet50$305
 Shorts Cabinet50$210
 Serie D Especial LE 201010$125
 Serie D No.5 LE 200825$175
 Serie E No225$200
 Double Coronas25$195
 Double Coronas Cabinet50$285
 Petit Coronas25$130
 Punch Punch25$170
 Punch Punch Cabinet50$250
 Serie D´Oro No.2 LE 201325$255
Quai D´OrsayImperiales25$155
Rafael GonzalezCoronas Extra25$145
 Petit Coronas25$125
Ramon AllonesSpecially Selected25$155
 Specially Selected Cabinet50$295
 Extra LE 201125$200
Por LarranagaPetit Coronas Cabinet50$205
Romeo y JulietaDuke LE 200910$120
 Short Churchills25$180
 Petit Coronas25$135
 Exhibicion No425$150
 Wide Churchills25$190
San Luis ReyChurchill25$155
 Churchill Cabinet50$295
 Coronas Cabinet50$245
 Serie A25$140
 Serie A Cabinet50$255
San Cristobal de la HabanaEl Morro25$170
 El Principe25$125
 La Fuerza25$149
 La Punta25$155
Sancho PanzaBelicosos25$150
TrinidadShort Robusto T LE12$155
 Robusto T24$195
 Robustos Extra12$145
 Ingenios LE 200712$148
Vegas RobainaFamoso25$140
 Don Alejandro25$190
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