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Cohiba Behike BHK 56


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The Cohiba Behike 56 cuban cigars are the most demanded brand at BCC, but this vitola is always going through a tough scarcity. Spending over $40 on a single habano is not among anybody´s habits and BCC has pretty much one of the best prices out there in regards this specific cuban cigars. However, this is a Cohiba vitola, this is a Behike and it used to be the most expensive habano in the world a few time ago. Cohiba Behike cuban cigars was released in 2010 during the XII Festival del Habano and BCC was proud to be there. The term Behike was first found in a travel note written somewhere in the 16th century and it designated a tribal chief. The new Cohiba Behike 56 cuban cigars are rolled with the finest Volado, Seco and Ligero leaves as well the rare Medio Tiempo leaves (top leaves on the sun grown tobacco plant). These rare upper leaves which are supposed to receive more sun light are expected to add a distinct taste to these cuban cigars. According to Habanos SA, this is the reason why Behike cuban cigars will be produced in very limited quantities every year. This vitola is presented in black lacquered boxes of 10. The Cohiba Behike vitola has installed itself as the reference for all cuban cigars. Produced in small quantities, this habano will no doubt be extremely popular. This Cohiba vitola is as good looking as cuban cigars can be! This habano has an oily brown wrapper, with hardly any visible veins. The pigtail cap is perfectly applied and there is no wrinkles or imperfections on the wrapper. It is very well packed, making this vitola feel heavy, and the bunch is solid, without any soft spots. The size and girth of this habano make lighting it quite tricky. After bringing it close to the flame the habano lights up quickly, but slightly unevenly. The combustion is good, not affected by the uneven burn, and the habano requires no touch ups until the end. The ash is solid in these cuban cigars, dark grey in colour, with a yellow hue. The draw is perfect all the way through and this habano delivers plenty smoke with a thick and creamy texture. From the very first draw, the vitola reveals its Cohiba profile; strong earthy flavours and a thick creamy texture. The finish is long and sweet, with a slight tingle of spice. Plenty of flavour throught the first third, and a medium to full body. On the second third the habano gets more complex. Along with the earthy flavours, sweet caramel, cocoa and black pepper are also present. The Cohiba Behike is now leaning towards a fuller body, reminding of an aged Cohiba Siglo VI vitola. The last third is the most complex of all parts on these cuban cigars. Sweet and bitter, dark chocolate-like flavours take the stage, closely followed by hard wood, moist earth, leather and black pepper. The body is full and the finish is long and spicy. The Cohiba Behike gets hot and spicy towards the end, which makes the last inch not as enjoyable to smoke. BCC gives 2 thumbs up to this gem, the Ferrari of Habanos SA.

Ring Gauge: 55
Length: 166 mm / 6.4 inches
Strenght: Medium to Full
Box: 10 cigars

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