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Cohiba Lanceros


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Another cuban cigar of old Fidel Castro’s favorites but unfortunately hard to find, the Cohiba Lanceros is a vitola rich in history, not to mention flavor! Long and thin, a very original cuban cigar in appearance. Let´s talk about this Cohiba vitola and it´s construction, Seeing this habano brings on two interesting view points. One is that they are very knobby, with a lumpiness to them. The interesting part is that though one might think that this is a bad aspect, further inspection shows that this Cohiba cuban cigar has a very excellent little hand rolled construction. We at Buycubancigarsonline must say that, when closely viewed, it appears if great care were taken in the building of this beautiful habano. Moving forward to define the Lanceros flavours, early into this cuban cigar BCC was thrilled to find a smooth, grassy sensation, with no harshness at all. Two thirds of the way in, still no overwhelming sensation. Smooth and lovely as could be. The finale on this habano was outstanding. This is one of the very few vitolas that seemed to maintain an equal consistancy from beginning to end. It’s a pity Fidel Castro kept this cuban vitola to himself as long as he did. A creamy habano, the Cohiba Lancero is one of those very few early in the morning with nothing on your pallet cigars, good with a latte, perhaps. These are really some pricey cuban cigars, but wow, they are truly worth it. BCC strongly suggest this habano for special occasions only, such as weddings, your son or dauthers birth, cristhmas or new year. Right after you get up, sit back and smoke this Cohiba and just remember those old good times and family celebrations. The Lancero is a great "once in a lifetime event" vitola. There are only a select few smokes that you will be pleased with, and the Cohiba Lanceros are definitely one of them. A five star habano that deserves a standing ovation.

Ring Gauge: 38
Cigar Length: 193 mm / 7.5 inches
Strenght: Medium – Full
Box: 25 cigars

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