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Cohiba Siglo II


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This little Mareva habano, or Petit Corona cuban cigar… always well constructed and good looking, has a sober and honest disposure. Made from the finest Vuelta Abajo tobacco, the Cohiba Siglo II cuban cigars are inviting to look at, tender to touch and very enticing to the nose. Cohiba Siglo II is a very beautiful habano; vein-free, firm yet spongy and, unlit, a deep cedar nose. In regards the flavour, smelling this Cohiba cigar is wonderful and after having lit it up the magic continues down to the nub, with perfect combustion, draw and of course taste. It is tasty, creamy, smooth, with grassy flavour combined with hints of fresh beans. This cuban cigar gives almost two hours of pleasure, which continue with the wonderful aftertaste it left in ones mouth. An occasional resistance on the initial draw quickly leads into a steady burn. White pepper and Cohiba’s trademark grassy qualities are clearly apparent in the first half of the smoke. The second and third tier in this cuban cigar release cocoa and vanilla beans on to the palate through an impressively thick smoke. This Petit Corona cuban cigar is a great work-out for the palate and a true example of the Cohiba "blend master’s" diligence. This habano has quite an outstanding acceptance at Buycubancigars. And about value…value is very difficult to define in a cigar; what one considers expensive can often be in direct relation to the expectation of the outcome. Yes, Cohibas are expensive, but so are Rolex’s and Merc’s, Cohiba cuban smokes are the Ferrari of Habanos SA. For Buycubancigars, this is one of the best habano out in the market – worth it!, it is one of the best Marevas that Cuba offers, it is money and time well spent. Buycubancigars delivers this habano in presentation of 25 cigar box

Ring Gauge: 42
Cigar Length: 129 mm / 5.0 inches
Strenght: Medium
Box: 25 cigars

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