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Hoyo De Monterrey Double Coronas


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One of the best prominentes vitola ever made, as many of the formats from Hoyo de Monterrey cuban cigars. The Double Corona is truly a man’s vitola, strong, with convincing aroma, taste and greasy, big, bold, and brassy! New Habanos can be said to have learnt from this smoke, spongier than Lusitanas and Double Coronas cuban cigars from Punch cigars, it looks even bigger when you have one cuban like this in your hand. You cannot help but appreciate a really big vitola. This smoke has a very smooth oily glossy wrapper. Well done, kudos to the habanos makers. The Hoyo de Monterrey Double Corona feature the perfect burn if we at BCC have ever experienced one. Most habanos have a small run, though not enough to bother repairing, but this Hoyo de Monterrey vitola did not. It is a perfect burn from light to finish what you will experience with these wonderful Hoyo de Monterrey Habanos. Smooth even draw to make the experience complete. Nice feel to it too, firm but spongish. Sweet. From the beginning, we at BCC knew we had something special with the Double Corona. The light-up was all roasted wood and hickory. A tiny hint of sweetness was released by this vitola to linger on your lips and palette. The second third on these cuban cigars gives that stinging sensation that you will love. Perfect smoke with a nice coffee chaser. THe final third, is a bit too strong almost, particularly towards the last hit. The first two thirds on these habanos will make it worth it all however. These are a very pricey cigars, but if you like a hearty beefy mans’ cuban smoke, then the Double Corona is well worth it. This is a good long lasting one hour smoke with a lot of life to it. Not a morning smoke, nor a vitola to be smoked without a hearty chaser like tea, coffee, Latte, etc, but great cuban cigars indeed. Lastly, BCC tip: if you are an habanos beginner, you should let this Hoyo de Monterrey set in the humidor awhile, letting your palette strengthen for stronger smokes before trying this Double Corona. BCC delivers this Hoyo de Monterrey in presentation of 25 box.

Ring Gauge: 49
Cigar Length: 194 mm / 7.6 inches
Strenght: Light to Medium
Box: 25 cigars

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