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Hoyo De Monterrey Epicure Especial


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The Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure Especial cuban cigars are widely considered by many habanos fans as the crème de la crème of the Hoyo de Monterrey habanos line, and BCC would tend to concur. This Epicure Especial is one of our favorite Cuban cigars, at this size, for the price Buycubacigars offers. It is a medium bodied vitola that falls right into Buycubancigars habanos preferences. When trying this Epicure Especial vitola, we paired this Hoyo de Monterrey cuban with a light red wine in the first third. A couple of double espressos in the second third on this smoke and alternated between a bit of whiskey and filtered water on the last third of the smoke. The Epicure Especial is in general a very nice looking vitola with a beautiful dark brown wrapper. We at Buycubancigars really like the Hoyo de Monterrey cigars band, and the Epicure Especial double band is quite well done. Habanos SA seems to have realized this, and is now also offering the Epicure No.2 vitola in the same double band format for its habanos 2009 production. The wrapper for this particular Especial is quite smooth with a very toothy binder showing through. The burn on this vitola is just about a quarter inch uneven throughout. Probably, we smoked this vitola a bit too avariciously when trying these habanos the first time at Buycubancigars. This Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure Especial still lasts a good 80 minutes of wonderful smoke, even though you might ended up butting this vitola out a bit less than an inch before the end. , and not too flaky, falling off perhaps only twice during the entire length of this smoke. The wrapper on the Epicure Especial cuban cigars feature some smells of spices and earth. Pre-draw on this smoke is both herbacious and earthy. Upon light up there is a short spicy bang that emanates from these habanos. There is also a very fine Cuban twang, particular to the Hoyo de Monterrey cigars line, which lasts evenly throughout the habano´s length. Woody undertones soon surface as well as slight hints of earth and mushrooms when dilighting these habanos. Quite a bit of smoke might be produced, and one gets the impression of there being a lot of depth to this vitola. The after-taste featured by these cuban cigars is pleasant and herby. In the second third of this vitola both, cocoa and spice with a chili-like, though mild flavour, make their appearance. The earthy tones on this smoke start to come out more as well. In the last third of this Hoyo de Monterrey, the spicy tones that previously emanated from this smoke fade and the earthy and mushroom flavours come to the fore. Unfortunately, in the last 6th the flavours fade out almost completely leaving just the twang and a simple tobacco taste. BCC strongly believes even just a bit of aging in a humidor will fit perfectly on this smoke. These cuban cigars are never harsh. As stated previously, Buycubancigars thinks this Hoyo de Monterrey is really one of the best values you can get at this size within the Habanos S.A selection. The Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure Especial is a truly amazing jewel among all cuban cigars and should always be featured in your personal humidor.

Ring Gauge: 50
Cigar Length: 140 mm / 5.5 inches
Strenght: Medium
Box: 25 cigars

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