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Montecristo Grand Edmundo LE 2010


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Another larger sized limited edition from Habanos SA cuban cigars. The Montecristo Grand Edmundo vitola appeared to be very well made with a dark brown wrapper, no soft spots, and a heavy, dense feel in the hand. With a slightly tight but smooth draw, pre-light draw on these cuban cigars give off notes of chocolate and fresh carrot. After lighting, the first few puffs on this vitola produce a good deal of smoke, intense spice, dark chocolate notes, and a healthy nicotine kick. Soon after this, the flavours on this smoke mellows and the spice is replaced with more chocolate, sweet honey, and cedar. There are definite hallmarks of the Montecristo Grand Edmundo LE´s youth when tried by Buycubancigars, as there was a slight tang that we at Buycubancigars detected on the draw and a faint bitterness on the finish when we try this Montecristo launched on 2010 by Habanos S.A, but this didn’t distract too much from the very enjoyable experience when trying this smoke. As the vitola progress to the second third, the flavours on the Grand Edmundo habanos become more harmonious and creamy, with a great heaviness to the body that lingers in the mouth. As you move toward the final third, however, the flavours on these cuban cigars become overwhelming and intense, and all semblance of balance vanishes. Overall, while the first half of this smoke is pure tobacco heaven, the final half tells you that the Montecristo Grand Edmundo probably needs some time to mature in the humidor before its true potential is shown. Buycubancigars expects these cuban cigars to age very well -we offer you the perfect humidor for that-, and hopefully time will tame these habanos unruly second half. But despite its shortcomings as a young smoke, the medium to full-bodied Montecristo Grand Edmundo Limited Edition 2010 easily earns your respect. Buycubancigars thanks Habanos SA for such a wonderfull limited edition release. These cuban cigars are featured in a 10 stick cedar box.

Ring: 52
Lenght: 150 mm
Strenght: Medium to Full
Box: 10 cigars

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