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Punch Double Coronas


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The connoisseur of the Cuban tobacco is delighted by the Punch Double Coronas cuban cigars melodious notes of rich dark chocolate and honey, we at BCC do!. A pleasurable lengthy smoke, with a lot of distinctive aromas: wood and earth for the first phase, the Punch Double Coronas habanos keeps going with some honey touches and becomes more and more powerful without being too strong. Occasionally, the end on these Double Coronas cuban cigars can have some light citrus notes. The tempo is ‘tranquil’ and provides all the magnificence of this Habanos S.A master piece. A big smoke – not as big as the Bolivar Belicosos cuban cigars but excellent nevertheless. When you’re opening the box, the aroma is really intoxicating, it must be the signature of the Double Coronas cuban cigars. The wrapper’s almost rough to the touch. On lighting, there is plenty of smoke and a pretty good burn. When lighting, the first thing that hits you is an almost black-cherry aroma that soon gives way to a most decadent flavor and aroma that is truly the signature of Punch habanos, a well aged Punch. This havana vitola also has a great cedar, spicy taste. The cigars progression of aroma is precise and natural, dark chocolate turns to dark cherry with hints of spice. Ebbing underneath the smoke is a wet earthy platform of taste. Cool, mild aromatic smoke fills the mouth and titillates the palate. Although not a strong vitola, the Punch Double Coronas cuban cigars are too complex in the mouth for the beginner and needs a refined palate, at least those are our thoughts at BCC. These habanos might very well be the best Prominentes available. The main key is to make sure that they have at least a couple years of age on them. This earthy full-bodied Habanos S.A vitola is an excellent way to spend an hour and a half! If you have not tried the Punch Double Coronas habanos you should do yourself a favor and smoke one.

Ring gauge: 49
Length: 7.6 inches (194mm)
Strength: Medium – Full
Box: 25 cigars

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