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Rafael Gonzalez Lonsdales


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This is a well balanced and flavoured Rafael Gonzalez cigar, sweet, with honey, vanilla, coffee and wood notes. Pastoral scenes of small country landscapes and rural villages are cundured up when you think of these Lonsdales from Rafael Gonzalez. These sticks are always perfectly rolled and there is something endearing about reliability. The smoke of this Lonsdale is released without mishap, and the flavors released are original. The green pepper start is superseded by very smooth nuances of caramel and honeyed nuts. Its well balanced honey-nut flavours are great for tea or coffee time, or with any kind of sweet desserts. BCC would say try it for yourself because it is not an obvious choice for a Lonsdale lover.

Ring Gauge: 42
Lenght: 16.50 cm / 6.4 inches
Strenght: Light
Box: 25 cigars

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