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San Luis Rey Serie A


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According to more experienced habanos connoisseurs, age is everything with the SLR Serie A habanos; we have experienced that before at BCC with this havana smoke. These cuban cigars aren’t bred for looks. The wrappers on this vitola are uniform in color, but some are lumpy and most are veiny. The start of the Saint Luis A cuban cigars is unassuming but nice, an earthy core and a distinct peanut note on the finish. It is a medium bodied vitola, though it becomes rich with the addition of powdery cocoa flavors after an inch. These cigars are slightly dry on the palate, so keep a beverage handy, Buycubancigarsonline recommends an ageid scotch or rum. If this description sounds familiar, it should. The first third of the Saint Luis Rey Serie A tastes remarkably. The construction of this cuban smoke is average. The draw on the Serie A is slightly firm, and the burn might require a couple touchups. It’s on the second half of these habanos that the benefits of age become apparent. When you first sample a close to a year ago stick, these habanos are reasonably strong, earthy and nutty from start to finish. Fine, but one-dimensional smoke. The strength is dialed down a notch, while the complexity improves. The third quarter of this cuban stick is particularly impressive. The base flavor is now a balanced mix of trademark Habano earth, cocoa, coffee with cream, and nuts. Occasional meaty notes add interest to these Habanos S.A cigars. The early dryness will mostly disappear. This Saint Luis vitola finishes largely as it starts, more earth and nuts, but predictably stronger and richer. In all, this Saint Luis is an excellent cuban stick with obvious aging potential when having a good humidor. The Saint Luis Rey Serie A is a good smoke when fresh. It’s a very, very good one after a year. Overall the construction is excellent in the Saint Luis Rey Serie A cuban cigars. Easily lit, this corona gorda vitola immediately provides round smoke with roasted flavors of coffee and honey. Progressively, the power increases and coffee notes are mixed with strong woody flavors featured by these Serie A cigars. The aftertaste of these habanos is long and pleasant. The balance on this vitola is respected but in the last third this smoke is on the edge of being overwhelming.

Ring Gauge: 46
Length: 5.6 inches (143 mm)
Strength: Medium – Full
Box: 25 cigars

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