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Trinidad Robustos Extra


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This Habanos S.A vitola quickly became very popular within the modern cuban cigars smokers. The Trinidad Robusto Extra are beautiful cuban cigars, with their cute and perfectly applied pig-tail end, and lovely warm-brown shaded wrapper. There are no protruding veins present on these Trinidad habanos, and the vitola is smooth and silky to the touch. The Trinidad Robusto Extra is an almost perfectly rolled smoke; very well filled, and with a perfect draw. The ash on this vitola is dense and not flaky at all. It falls off by itself after about the first inch, leaving an almost perfectly shaped cone, and then falls off only two more times through its entire length. The burn on this vitola is not perfectly even but never present any real problem. In regards flavor, the blend on these habanos is recognizably Trinidad, creamy and smooth with a warm first phase that allows you to appreciate the intricacy of flavors. But these Trinidad Extra are big ring gauge cuban cigars that demands power in order to give the smoke the character a vitola of this size must have. The richnesson these cuban cigars intensifies, producing a final phase this is full bodied both in power and flavor. Buycubancigarsonline considers the Trinidad Robusto Extra a truly grand smoke that will improve with time in a humidor, but let´s get more picky in regards these habanos flavor details. Pre-draw presents spice and green tea. Upon light up, this Robusto smoke immediately warns you that it means business, and that it is definitely a full bodied vitola. The Trinidad Robustos Extra cuban cigars start with a spicy bang as well as a very pleasant cuban twang which intensifies throughout these Habanos S.A cigars. During the first third of the Trinidad Robustos Extra you will detect, roasted nuts, herbs and coffee flavourings with a pleasant herbacious aftertaste. Well into the first third there is also a bit of white pepper and vanilla. By the second third the spices began to kick in more, but the smoke remains very smooth. The last third on these Trinidad Extra cigars present earthy undertones with a bit of vanilla at times and an overall powerful spicy profile and Cuban twang, never becoming harsh. The last third of this Robusto vitola would be very nicely paired with a good whiskey, BCC loves Jack Daniels or a Johnny Walker Green Label. BCC tip: fans of powerful cuban cigars will feel they spent their money well after smoking this Habanos S.A vitola. The Robustos Extra is a very high quality, smooth smoking smoke with a reasonably complex flavour profile that is certainly a must have vitola for fans of full bodied cuban cigars. If you like Partagas habanos and Bolivar habanos like BCC does, you cannot really leave this smoke out of your personal humidor. You will never be disappointed.

Ring gauge: 50
Length: 6.0 inches (155mm)
Strength: Light – Medium
Box: 12 cigars

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