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It is impossible to start reviewing this Habanos S.A smoke without saying…THANKS for such a wonderful creation! Trinidad Robusto T cuban cigars were introduced by Habanos S.A in 2009 to finally offer a robusto vitola within the Trinidad cuban cigars line. As soon as some lucky ones started getting their hands on these Trinidad cuban cigars, positive reviews flooded the habanos press. This Trinidad Robusto T looks fantastic. The light brown wrapper on this vitola has elegant thin veins running all over it. The triple cap with an accurate pig-tail is easily removed, opening an easy, peppery pre-draw. This vitola exhales a delicate aroma with a touch of sweetness. The Trinidad Robusto T is a well-packed smoke, has a perfect weight in hand and feels good in the mouth. These cuban cigars produce excellent amounts of smoke thanks to a comfortable draw with a little resistance. The burn on these habanos is razor-sharp in the first third but requires a couple of corrections after that. The ash on this vitola easily holds for over 2 inches and you will be very reluctant to let it go. The very first pulls will show that the tobacco used in these habanos is perfectly mature, there is no greenness at all. The first third of this Robusto vitola is characterized by flavors of black pepper and cedar, with nutmeg as a secondary flavor. Despite an obvious power featured on these habanos, the retro-haling reveals some sweetness. The smoke, abundant, has an exquisite toasted aroma and feels profound and smooth. In the second third, the flavors on these cuban cigars evolve, some bitter chocolate is added to the bouquet. Smooth, smooth, smooth…awesome smoke! As you approach the last third, you will reach what Buycubancigarsonline calls the ‘critical point’ on this vitola. In fact, for a few minutes the Trinidad Robusto T appears to loose its creaminess, fortunately, this won´t last long and the smoke becomes even more delicious than before, thick, full-bodied and velvety. The bouquet on these cuban cigars is extremely deep and complex with the already mentioned flavors plus some animal notes. Make sure you slow down on this Robusto a little near the finish. Needless to say, we at BCC smoked this vitola until our fingers burned. Overall and as a recap, the Trinidad Robusto T starts mild with creamy notes and hints of leather; soon this vitola unveils its complexity and delivers a deep round taste that only high end habanos tobacco can deliver. The final is a firework of complex woody spiciness, it reminds us at BCC with the finale of the Cohiba Behike cuban cigars. The Trinidad Robusto T will surprise many Trinidad cuban cigars lovers and attracts heavy smokers of Cohiba Siglo VI cuban cigars. It is hard to judge the value of such a great smoke. Yes, it is probably one of the the most expensive robustos at the moment -not at BCC of course-, but it is also one of the best habanos. A solid box purchase! Buycubancigarsonline thoroughly enjoyed the experience when testing this Habanos S.A vitola and will make sure to stock up on these cuban cigars. Trinidad Robusto T is a serious candidate for the #1 vitola of any year, disregarding if the competitors are Habanos S.A brands or not.

Ring gauge: 50
Length: 4.8 inches (124mm)
Strength: Medium
Box: 24 cigars

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