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Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro


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This Double Corona vitola seems to come from another time. No doubt these cigars are one of the best "goods" Cuban manufacturers have ever done… our thought at Buycubancigars. The Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro habanos draw and combustion can be defined as perfect for its uniformity, and its taste half way between medium and strong is balanced in great harmony with subtle sweet, woody and earthy notes. Let´s give more details about these cuban cigars…The appearance; this medium bodied smoke is great to look at, every time we open a box at Buycubancigars…we can´t avoid spending a long time staring at them! Medium brown with a tight wrapper. Clip the end and light it up! The construction on these habanos is fabulous, with a dark chocolate oily wrapper. One gets the feeling that when lit, the Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro cuban cigars will be a challenge. These habanos are our favorite Prominente cuban cigars at BCC. Harmonious and rounded cuban cigars, they burn gently and slowly. The initial phase on these habanos can be misleading, as rich aromas of wood and cocoa play gently in the warm smoke. The Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro starts off also with a smooth coffee/mocha taste, with a touch of milky cream. The first third of this smoke is incredibly smooth and tasty. The flavor is mild and light at first. Then the second phase on these habanos kicks in and the true nature of the obus emerges. The strength and body of these cuban cigars kicks up a notch. The mocha/coffee taste continues, but becomes more full bodied. Some additional flavors begin to emerge from the Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro, earthy and nutty flavors, reminiscent of toasted almonds.

Ring Gauge: 49
Cigar Length: 191 mm / 7.4 inches
Strenght: Medium – Full
Box: 25 cigars

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